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We are a Family Owned & Operated Business that provides an array of dog grooming services with our Fully-Loaded Mobile Van.

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What we can do for you

Dog being groomed

Full Grooming

This is our full package. It includes a Hair Cut, Bath, Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning & a Sanitary Trim.
Dog in a bathtub


Need a quick bath? Our Bath package also includes a Sanitary Trim, Nail Clipping, & Ear Cleaning.
Dog nailclipping


We offer Nail Grinding or Clipping, whichever your dog prefers. Ear cleaning included.
Puppy being groomed

Puppy Grooming

First time being groomed? We understand how important it is that your puppy's first grooming is a pleasant experience.
Aggressive Dog

Aggressive Dogs

We have an extensive experience dealing with and grooming aggressive dogs.
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The Pack Leader is the best option for your best friend

A local family business you can trust

The Pack Leader is Family Owned and Operated since 2009.
We take pride in being hands-on throughout the grooming process with every single one of our customers.
Our mission is to make you and your pet feel like a part of The Pack Leader Family.

Years of experience with aggressive dogs

We understand that dogs are not born aggressive. Past experiences and events can lead to trauma and cause dogs to act aggressively.
Most groomers are unwilling to work with such dogs.
John, our groomer, has been working with aggressive/traumatized dogs for the past decade.
By slowly establishing a connection, dominance, trust, and confidence with the dogs, he looks to transform the grooming process to a pleasant experience for them.

A local family business

Our mobile business is proud to serve the East Dallas area by bringing our services directly to our customers' doorsteps. We understand that it can be challenging for pet owners in the East Dallas area to find time to travel to a traditional grooming salon. That's why we have made it our mission to make it as easy as possible for our customers by providing them with mobile grooming services. We also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate our customers' busy lifestyles. By bringing our services to the East Dallas area, we aim to make pet grooming more convenient and accessible for our community.

We service
East Dallas Area

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Grooming at your doorstep

Ready to treat your dog to a spa day with The Pack Leader...

*Final pricing is always issued on sight. We do not take dogs over 60lbs.

What our clients say about us

These guys have been caring for my dogs since you could hold them in one palm. The dogs love them, and at this point, their work has been stellar. I trust them with my key, alarm code and dogs. I must say, I trust them with all.I happened to come across a negative review todaythat bothered me. I am 150% sure they did everything they could to get the dog that ran. I know for a fact that, being the wonderful people they are, they didn't want to worry you immediately. Dogs take off sometimes. That's what they do. Maybe look in to a little more security in your environment to see how the dog escaped. They are very careful to make sure mine are secure before they leave. If mine ran it would be because a unsecured are, of my fault, was present. I think your review is a bit harsh, and, you found your dog. The pack leader is number 1 in my book. And I have and will continue to recommend them always. They are the best in their work and competence.

Tom H.

review on Yelp 5/29/18

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My dog is very difficult to groom, a Lhasa Apso with an aggressive attitude towards any type of grooming procedure. John has very patiently been working with him. Would definitely recommend him for anyone needing an experienced groomer.

Nancy I.

review on Yelp 8/29/20

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Nelli and John have been grooming my Zoe for a few years now. They do a wonderful job and always treat her very kindly. if they see any problems they inform me so I can have it taken care of. Don't know what I would do without them.

Judy H.

review on Yelp 6/12/15

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HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Neli is the BEST!!! I have a Scottie who is VERY aggressive. He has been turned down by numerous groomers, but not The Pack Leader! Neli, with her special touch, was able to fully groom my Scottie - even his ears and paws!!! Neli and her husband truly take the time and care for your dog. They are very efficient at everything they do, I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY with my Mickey's new haircut!!! Thank you so much!

Justine D.

review on Yelp 7/17/12

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We've been using The Pack Leader for a couple years and they are the BEST! John and Nellie showed up the first time after our previous groomers moved out of state and it was like I already knew them. Very friendly people with a passion for dogs! They recently started to expand the business and added a new groomer, Laura. She is just as fantastic as John and Nellie and the pups love her! With 2 vans in operation now, they are slowly picking up new clients. If you haven't tried them yet and you are looking for a fast and friendly groomer that comes to you, The Pack Leader is the way to go!

Michelle R.

review on Yelp 9/2/16

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John has been grooming my Mother's two cockapoos for several years. They always look amazing. They are excited to go with him! John has such a passion for grooming and his knowledge and skill shows with every groom. He shows the dogs in his care such respect and love. John actually inspired me to become a groomer myself! Thank you John for taking such good care of my Mom's doggies, making them look great, and for introducing me to my dream job!!

April G.

review on Yelp 10/26/19

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I've had a few nightmare experiences with pet groomers so I decided to switch to mobile grooming. I'm so happy to have found The Pack Leader! They take such good care of our beloved dog (who is older and suffered an injury) and the attention they give to his well-being is priceless. I would never go anywhere else and highly recommend their services. If you love vour pet as much as we do, give The Pack Leader mobile grooming a call.

Teresa T.

review on Yelp 7/14/16

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I've been using the Pack Leader for over 6 years now on a regular basis for our two little dogs. Not only are my dogs extremely well taken care of in all aspects but they always return smelling and looking amazing. I can tell they truly love what they do and truly care for animals. Professional with love and kindness. Can't ask for better than that.I feel like the Pack Leader is part of our family. Many thanks to them for the years of service.

Julie A.

review on Yelp 10/6/16

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We have two poodle mixes that were in very desperate need of a grooming. We had been trying to do the work ourselves for a while and realized we weren't up to the task! Our poor dogs were shaggy, had mats and were NOT happy. I called The Pack Leader and spoke to John, who was so reassuring and went out of his way to find an appointment for us. He and Neli arrived in their spotlessly clean van, gave us a quick tour, and went to work on our pooches. Our dogs emerged from the van beautiful, clean, smelling great, and most of all relaxed and happy. Which of course made me feel relaxed and happy! On top of that, John and Neli offered to answer any questions I had, and showed that they obviously LOVE dogs.I was very happy with The Pack Leader. This was by far the best "grooming experience" I have had, and I'm sure my dogs would agree!

Marsie E.

review on Yelp 9/29/14

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Our dog can be a bit aggressive when being groomed and has been turned away by other groomers. The Pack Leader came to my house and I could immediately tell they had a lot of experience with calming down dogs. They took their time and did a wonderful job grooming my dog! They were so calm and professional and thorough. I would definitely recommend The Pack Leader!

Stephanie N.

review on Yelp 6/13/14

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I've been looking for a groomer who can make my dog look cute. I'm a very picky person and The Pack Leader not only met my requirements, they exceeded my expectations. They did a magnificent job with my little Maltese and have decided to use them as my dog's primary groomer on a permanent basis. I highly recommend their dog grooming servIces.

Jane F.

review on Yelp 10/30/14

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John and Nellie are angels. I have a 2 yr old toy poodle mix that I got when he was just about 5 weeks old. Taken too early from his mother, covered in fleas, with an open sore half the size of his body. Who knows what else my poor Giuseppe had encountered before I rescued him. He is very loving, but very afraid of everyone. He has beautiful hair but no groomer would touch him because of his aggressive (fearful) behavior. These angels, John and Nellie, agreed to try. They not only tried, but Giuseppe looks perfect, AND he warmed up to them. John even took him for a walk around the court afterwards. I cannot thank them enough and they will be in my heart for life because of the care they gave my pup. I'm so relieved to finally have a groomer for my troubled little guy. Angels.

Marie M.

review on Yelp 6/6/13

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*Final pricing is always issued on sight.
We do not take dogs 60lbs due to the size of our tub.

Frequent asked questions

What are your working hours?
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Our schedule operates Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

What area do you service?
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East Dallas Area

Do you need to connect to our power or water source?
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No, our van is fully equipped with a generator and a large water tank

Do you have a water heater?
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Yes, our van is equipped with a water heater to make sure your pet is bathed at a comfortable temperature.

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